Wednesday, October 31, 2012

31 for 21: Shaun the Sheep

This girl likes her obscure, impossible-to-find costumes.  And yet, I ALWAYS am willing to sacrifice sanity to make sure she gets what she wants.  Mostly because Halloween is so very awesome to her.  Partly, because with her sensory issues, it's a moral victory that she is willing to put on a costume of any kind and so I am always particularly willing to make sure it is a comfortable experience.

The last 3 years in particular, she has made specific requests.  She wanted to be a wolf/cat 2 years ago; Shrek/Fiona last year; and this year, Shaun the Sheep. 

Shaun is her VERY favorite movie star.  We have watched waaaay too many hours of Shaun.  And there is no dialogue.  None.  Everything is inferred.  And as we have discussed previously, Elise is the master of physical comedy and body language...she laughs uproariously the entirety of every episode, regardless of how many times we have watched it.

What?  You don't know who Shaun the Sheep is?  If you don't, you need to.  Because he's FANTASTICALLY awesome.  Even if your kids are asleep.

She even left her hat on this year for the whole time she was out trick-or-treating.  A first.  The things we get excited about!  :)


  1. my son learned the sign for sheep just so he could request episodes of Shaun the Sheep! It is a family favorite and it's hysterical.

  2. Shaun is a favorite in our household. Granted, Little Man is only two years old but he loves watching it. I've actually considered making him a knitted Shaun (and probably will).