Monday, November 5, 2012

November's 2012 Thankfulness Project

The last two years, I have invited other parents of kids with special needs on to share their stories.  I have been honored to host a myriad of different special needs along with Down Syndrome, including a whole host of ages.

My goal was two fold.  The first was remind my "special" readers a  that they are far from alone.  Also, to give my "typical" readers a peek at more than just my life, so they also see that I am not a unique situation, in attitude, nor in numbers.

I have tried to get local friends, who are not "Bloggers" to join me to share their stories as both an outlet and a "joining of the circle".  Also, I love to link fellow bloggers to share the camaraderie with my friends who do not know them or have the pleasure of reading them.  I love the opportunity to see other writers and to enjoy their stories, and to connect with their blogs...

This year, while I would like to do it again, I would love to try a new perspective.  I want to share this year's triumphs!  I am BEGGING you to write, reshare, or tweak a post focusing on something that you are excited about concerning your child's physical, emotional, or social development.  I would also love to see "SNAPSHOTS" where you showcase your child's interests and accomplishments, in a list or 3 or 10 or 21 or whatever!  You do not have to be a "Writer" or a "Blogger" just need a child or sibling or a beloved someone with with a disability or a little something extra...share what makes them the same as everybody else or share their most recent funny story or triumph.

You can read here the last couple of years of Fantastic:


If you have a blog, I will of course link you.  If you are not a blogger, but want in on the fun I will share however much information you feel comfortable with.  Please email me at: or contact me via Facebook.

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