Tiffany's Top Ten IEP Tips

Tip #1
Dress for Respect

Tip #2
When you sit down at the table never forget YOU are the expert on your child.

Tip #3
Listen to what's said and HOW it's said about your can learn a lot about both your child and their teachers/therapists in an IEP, and not just about how they are doing scholastically.

Tip #4
Make sure you know what's worth fighting for.  And what you are able to sacrifice.

Tip #5
What if you sign off on your IEP and then think better of it?? And some out of the norm thoughts on full inclusion....

Tip #6
Get to know your child's teachers and therapists.

Tip #7
Guest Post:  Legal proof of your power and control...and why you can afford to be generous and participate in true and equal discussions.

Tip #8
Specific warning, confession time, and why I know all these tips...

Tip #9
As important as IEP day is, the no brainer is to stay on top of it throughout the year and make sure that it is put into practice.

Tip # 10
The most important thing about an IEP is that you keep it in perspective.  It is merely a tool in the process of empowering your child.

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