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In process, obviously...  (email me if you have a good one!!

Joni Erikson Tada weighs in in World Magazine

Punky the cartoon character who is about to have her own show in Ireland!

Of all the silly things that stars get fussed at for, this one slipped under the radar...Family Guy will not be viewed here again.

Never take your parental rights for granted!  I would not have even expected this to be a battle that a parent was required to fight!!

I was disheartened to see the university's choices, but was so thrilled and encouraged by the student's response.  And young lady with Down Syndrome and her fight to take an audited class!  To follow her entire story, check out the blog telling her story.

This was a really cool article a friend posted.  I encourage you to take the time to read it.  From the New Atlantis

Ipod App for people who need prompts!  It was initially made for kids with Autism...

A neat article in the Tennessean!

The "Monica and David" documentary that aired a while back on HBO will be airing again on another network on February 14.  I've not seen it, but have heard that it is excellent!

Thoughts on the new prenatal testing by a pediatrician who has a sibling with Down Syndrome.

What medical researchers are learning because of people with Down Syndrome?  Read HERE

I don't know anything about their communication program, but THIS list of recommendations was very insightful!

It's stories like THIS that excite me for Elise's future!!