Sunday, October 14, 2012

31 for 21: Pictures and Trying things.

I am cheating a tiny bit today, but they are all HUGE developmental and sensory growth markers for bear with me and celebrate with me.

About 2 weeks ago, Elise climbed into the bed of Ethan's truck, which she has done only once before.  Which was a nice little bit of bravery and motor planning.

Which was then followed by lots of yelling for help to get her out.  I refused and talked her out of the bed of the truck with instructions and minimal touching so she could gauge which body parts needed to move, and to where. 

The fact that she got out on her own was pretty huge.  A gigantic step in Gross Motor Skills...let me tell you!!!
Then, yesterday, we went to a Family Fun Day for a friend of ours that is a State House Representative.  This has involved a host of sensory-difficult things for Elise and Charlotte in the past.  But Elise demonstrated both her speech leaps and her sensory defensiveness growth this year. 
First, she stood in line, on her own, and requested a snow cone, and specified a color.
Then she decided that it was NOT ice cream and refused to eat it.  She gagged a little, but she tried to sell me on it...telling me that she got it for me, and I was to eat it!
She then ran off, and sweet talked some different girls into giving her some popcorn.  Which was MUCH more delicious than the weird "green ice, blah!".

She happily gave some bread to some goats and pigs at the petting zoo...but gave them a wide birth...unlike the horse who declined her offer of bread through the window of his stall.

Mind-blowingly, she requested face-painting, and not just any old face-painting, FULL FACE. And she left it on for about 20 minutes before she started itching her nose...and about an hour before she started scrubbing it off onto her shirt tail.

She answered questions and sat still for the whole thing.  WOW!!

She then topped off her day with hopping around in a bounce house...but took turns with her sister and a boy about her age...
And then today, lest I get too excited and comfy...she played throw-the-rocks-in-the-puddle with her sisters and when Amelia got mud on her hand, Elise gagged so much she kicked her and had to know...BUT, I would like to remember and focus on the turn taking and giggling shared....It was beautiful!!!
And so I shall.
This weekend was FULL of giant steps...And so I choose to celebrate them...and remember the snapshots of "normal"...they were really delicious...and you have no idea how hard we have had to work for them!!!!  Almost 10 years of Occupational, Physical, Speech, and Sensory therapy PAID OFF, Baby!!!!!  Can I get a "Woot, WOOT!"?!?!?!