Thursday, December 29, 2011

Holiday ADHD

Elise ran out of ADHD meds just in time for Christmas.  We had to cram a run to her neurologist's primary office smack in the middle of getting up and running, because they couldn't refill without a neurology follow-up.  Not awesome.  Not awesome-er?  Melty-Melty-Meltdowns in the floor.  And so we went.  Quite thankful for the awesome-er that is improving!

Between meds "resetting", her schedule being off with not being in school, and searching for desired's been a little bumpy around here.

We went unplugged this morning.  It was good.  But Elise couldn't quit cold turkey, and so she and Gabriel are giggling over America's Funniest Videos while the little girls nap.  We'll go back to trampolines, over-loving the cat, and possibly a playset run in a bit...but for now...we cave.  Peace on Earth and all that.  :)

More on actual Christmas later.

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A Certain Small Shepherd

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December's Christmas Giveaway #2: A Certain Small Shepherd

Depending on the entries on this one, I will giveaway one or two copies.  I haven't decided yet. 

This giveaway is:  A Certain Small Shepherd by Rebecca Caudill.  (A beloved, out-of-print book, I am considering asking Woodhouse to bring back.)

I LOVE this book.  Ironically, it was not Christmas until my mother read this book.  Now I can barely make it through this book "together", as it now falls to me to read it aloud.

This book tells the story of a young boy, Jamie, born with disabilities.  It is never clear what those are.  (When I got older, I tried to pin it down.  Because don't we all like clean little catagory boxes?  I narrowed it down to Cerebal Palsy, Autism, or Down Syndrome.  As the years pass, I am leaning more heavily toward the last two.)  ANYWAY, it tells of Jamie's birth in rural Appalacia, his struggles in school, his troubles making friends, his inability to communicate, and the out-growing frustrations and behaviour issues.

He is given the role of a shepherd in this year's Christmas play, after some fiasco involving him in the choir.  That way he could be involved, but it is a non-speaking part.

Then, on Christmas Eve, a black couple travels into town.  The woman, heavily pregnant.  The place being what it was, they were denied shelter despite snowy, stormy conditions.  His father offered the stable, but then moves them to the church to let them stay there for the night.  The couple had their baby that night.  The next day, Jamie's father brings his children over to the church to see the new family.

Jamie takes one look at the couple and their baby and rushed back home, put on his shepherd's costume and brings the entire contents of his Christmas stocking.  A dime and an orange.  For the first time he speaks, to who he believes is Mary and the Christ-child, and offers his gifts....

I've heard people complain about this book, because it is not "realistic" about disabilities.  But I want to say, the heart-struggle is realistic.  And, frankly, this is the miracle we all pray for our children.  And with the Christ-child involved, I'm ready to suspend a little "realism".

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"Merry Christmas! It's a Surprise!!"

At school, there is something called Elf Shelf.  Basically its a cheap "store" put on by the school so the kids can shop for their loved ones by themselves.

I was game this year and gave both Amelia and Elise $4 to shop with.  I figured they'd both come back for something for their siblings and something for themselves. 

Amelia came back with some of the creepy stress pens that you squeeze and their eye-balls pop way out.  A pink one and a brown one.  One for all the girls to share and one for the boys to share.  Charlotte got a pair of pink sunglasses, "because she can't use pens.  She colors on herself!"  Which is, indeed, true.  And Gabriel got a green cup, "for lacrosse, when he's thirsty!"

Elise bought a cheap barbie for Charlotte, "Cause Yaya, not share" (Amelia is bad about sharing Barbies, this is a well-known fact.)  She bought me bath fizzy balls, "For bath!"  She got bubbles for Amelia and Gabriel to "share".  And Ethan got a miniature hand mop.  "Cause Daddy like to clean."  :)


And that's all there is to be said about that.  

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December's Giveaway #1: Dancing with Max

I got to go to a conference up in Chattanooga, put on by Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church.  It was the night before my birthday.  Emily Colson and her father, THE Charles Colson, was speaking on their book about raising her son , Max, who has autism.

You know how sometimes you find yourself realizing that you attended something for a single sentence?  That it was God's healing gift just for you?  Yeah, that was me that night.

My sentence was this:  Emily Colson and her father were discussing whether or not Max really understood his profession of faith, whether he understood the import of his statement...and his grandfather (Chuck Colson) went to (I believe) his pastor for insight.  His mentor looked at him and said, "The Holy Spirit speaks Max's language."

As I've mentioned before, that is my sole fear in raising a child with special needs, with diagnosed mental retardation.  Will she understand Christ enough to choose him for her Savior?  And in that single sentence, God literally took away my fears.  It's okay.  God knows the way to Elise's heart.  And that's all there is to it.  Period.

And so, I want to share this book with you.  I bawl everytime I read this book, for the depth of truth that I get to read...Dancing With Max by Emily Colson.

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