What's the Point?

Just a Little Bit Muchier Muchness was born when I went hunting for blogs that were focused on school age kids with Down Syndrome.   I had found very few, and most were general family blogs, but they were still kind of fighting their battles alone.  About that time, I witnessed a couple of incidents among my friends that shook me to the core.  They were between parents with kids who were typical and those that had kids with varying special needs.  Those quick incidents, which occurred in real life and on Facebook, made me realize that neither group was really “getting” the other.  Even among parents that had kids with special needs, there was a certain measure of isolationism. 

I remembered that after I wrote a blog entry in my personal and family blog about kids with special needs, I got a firestorm of questions and responses.  (http://tiffanyselephants.blogspot.com/2010/02/truth-of-parenting.html)

I decided that I would write a blog entirely devoted to being real and honest about what it was like to raise a child with special needs.  I would include my own actual experiences and my reflections on the current and past experiences.  And I prayed over how to include my “typical” life and “typical” friends and at the same time offer a voice and support to all of us who live the life negotiating the “special” world.

Just a Little Bit Muchier Muchness was started to open the lines of communication between those who have kids with varying issues and to invite those who want to be our friends, but get lost and scared when they try, to understand us a little bit better.  I wanted to encourage an unbroken circle encouragement between us, simply as parents, forgetting the labels.

I invite questions.  I invite “why’s”.  I invite guest bloggers.  I want you as parents to know that, regardless of your path, you are not alone.  Parents the world over struggle with the same fears, the same battles, and they same questions no matter what “kind” of kids they have. 

I celebrate the little things that make life truly good.  I want to rejoice in the everyday miracles that God offers us!  I want to share the true  joy that comes from appreciation!

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