Saturday, October 6, 2012

31 for 21, 2012: #6 Tiffany's Top Ten Tips for IEPs

Get to know your child's teachers and therapists.

They care for your child for 8 hours a day.  Your child is their job, but they have lives that impact that, too.

Their own experiences with their own children, past clients, even their own past struggles.

The more of a relationship that you cultivate with those that care for your child, the more you have a sense of their strengths and the more information you can get on your child.  They are more willing to support you if you support them. 

If you have a more comfortable relationship, there will be a warmer exchange of:  What if...?  What do you see...?  Have you ever tried...?  Possibly the most fertile ground of ideas and suggestions is BETWEEN FRIENDS who both want the best for a child.

There really is no down side to this tip.  Who knows, you may even get a true friend out of it?!?!

I have several of Elise's therapists and former teachers that I number friends.  Good friends.  I have been truly blessed by many of them.  It is more than worth the effort. On so very many levels.

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