Here are some adoption situations that are experiencing complications...and desperately need prayer!!
Kirill was denied adoption by a judge
Evan's prospective parents will be going before the same judge
Carrington came from an orphange in a horrible state at age 3 and only 11 pounds

A bloggy friend has a mission placed on her heart.  This is her first clue to what she is planning!  But we can start helping at the base level!  Here is Garden of Eagan!

We have a new member to the "club"!  Please go welcome Miss Ollie Faith and her family to our world!!

Please pray for miracles and consider donating to Friends for Cian.  You can make a difference.

Reece's Rainbow is amazing and is truly following God's heart in loving "the least of these"...If you are interested in a Special Needs Adoption they can help or if they touch your heart, you can donate toward their adoption funds to find these sweet children a home...  They are even 501 qualified, which makes them a tax deduction!

If you know someone struggling.  Please pray for them.  Please reach out to them.  Even if you feel awkward.  It means the world.  Honest.

Please send me an email (underwater9800@gmail.com) if you know of some personal outreach that is needed.  Someone who needs a note.  Someone who needs prayer.  I would love to post up opportunities.  Thank you!