About Us -The Cliffs Notes

For those who don't know us, I thought I'd make a short history page...that way you don't get lost as I ramble.

My name is Tiffany.  I am a former teacher.  I worked in an inclusion suite. I have a history in occupational and physical therapy and some general medicine due to my volunteer hours and interests in college.  I have viewed half of the sugeries that my child has undergone while I was searching for my "place in the world" and I always tease that God was prepping me for my life, if not so much my career.

I am married to Ethan, a land use and zoning lawyer.  He is a bit of a "Lucy" in his love of "real estate".  He loves history and feels strongly about your responsibility in getting involved in your community and local politics.

My son, Gabriel, is 17.  He is a 6 foot tall teddy bear who is looking for his place in the world.  He is passionate and loving, very giving and warm.

Elise is the star of the blog.  She is 12 and has Down Syndrome.  She has a history wrap sheet a mile long.  She has had open heart surgery to correct an ASD, VSD, and a refluxing mitral valve.  She is a cancer survivor.  She is 9 years off chemotherapy to treat AML leukemia.  She has had her Thyroid functions followed for 9 years, it is not happy and it will result in medication, but it is not required yet, and so we wait.  She has had her tonsils and adenoids removed and several sets of ear tubes put in.  Elise struggles with Sensory Defensiveness in most areas of life, but therapy has had a positive influence on it. She has been diagnosed with ADHD but only recently have we started pursuing treatment and medication outside of behavior modification frameworks.  We are follewed by a host of specialists because of her history and for screenings due to the Down Syndrome.

{Oh, and in case you were curious, I was 26 when Elise was born.  I passed the Triple Screening. It was a big surprise when the bonus chromosome was discovered!}

Amelia is 9 and is the most social child I think I have ever met.  She adores Elise and they play as peers.  Her vocabulary, while off to a slow start because of her tight relationship with Elise has taken off with the speed of a jet plane, leaving Elise in her wake.  She is super girly, and while Elise doesn't always approve, they play together well some of the time.

Charlotte is 6.  She looks just like Elise and they are kindred spirits, too.  They tend to have very similar personalities and interests.  They have a very special friendship and it is fun to watch them interact.

I am sure to add and change this page, but I thought it was only fair to make sure that I introduced myself to you!