Wednesday, October 17, 2012

31 for 21: Better than it Looks: All In

Article of Evidence #2:

I've spoken of my favorite part of Elise BEFORE.  And I stand by it.  She lives Life, to the very edges...huge-er than life...100% of the time.

We always speak of people "giving it 110%"'ve never met someone who lives that big until you've met Elise...ever.  I promise.  Those who know my girl, feel free to back me up.

My mother and I bought her a placard for over her bed last year with this quote: "Life is good, life is big. Life beats a rhythm in every heart that beckons each of us to join the dance."
~ Annie Danielson
And it was so perfect for her, because her life is a swirl and she invites you in...drags some of us... 

When Elise was first born, I heard this song for the first time. 

I Hope You Dance.  Lee Ann Womack.

We were already watching her heart.  We knew that her path was starting out harder.  And I prayed.  That no matter what she would have to deal with in conjunction with the Downs, that she would live to the fullest of her potential.  And WOW she has not disappointed!

Her sadness is bigger.  Her excitement is bigger.  Her irritation is bigger. Her surprise is bigger.  Her anger is bigger.  Her effort is bigger.  Her persistence is bigger.  Her joy fills the room.  Her EVERYTHING is bigger than anyone you've ever met. 

She misses no opportunities.  She misses no body language.  She misses no parties.  She misses no needs.  She misses nothing.

I appreciate her.  I treasure her.  I aspire to be like her.

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