Friday, October 12, 2012

31 for 21: Another Dirty Job: The Tooth Fairy

Because I discovered that it is ALSO Sensory Processing Awareness Month, I thought I'd tell a fun bizarre Elise story...

Elise pulled out her loose tooth last Tuesday (that I had NO idea was loose as she won't let anyone in her mouth, EVAH) and she did NOT throw it away in the trash or hock it across the room...she's growing up!!!  (The last 3 she's lost have not even made it home.)  Now, if only she will let us put it under her pillow...hahahaha!!

She ripped the tooth at question out of her head while at the white board at school, with a howl of triumph held it high and shouted:  "The TOOF FAIWY is coming TONIGHT!!!"

However, the idea of the tooth touching her pillow made her kidding.  She retched and refused to house it...she ultimately refused to even let that "nasty" thing even in her room.

The funny thing?  She told everyone at school that the tooth fairy came and left her some money.  Not so true.

The next day, I hunted down a little organza gift bag, and we put the tooth in there and hooked it on the side of her bed...when bedtime came and Elise saw that it was safely ensconced in a bio hazard-proof container, she allowed it under her pillow. 

As she has no real concept of money and it's usefulness, (usually she carries it around in paper towels and gives it to her money savvy sister) she got a couple of quarters and a doll shirt for one of her Activity Support FriendsBaby Pizza won the lottery and is now sporting an Alvin and the Chipmunks shirt...and, as usual, Amelia is 50 cents richer, and it was a kleenex this time.


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