Saturday, October 9, 2010

31 for 21: #9 BOOKS!!

Elise loves books. She adores to be read to. She loves to read to her sisters. She will read to herself.

She happily reads board books, magazines, paper books, chapter books, and fiction with no pictures. That's right, no pictures. She started reading simple sentence, See Dick Run, kind of stuff this school year. It was SO exciting! But the oddity is that is all she can read. Ever since she was tiny she would read non-illustrated books all by herself, she would just look through them, for hours. It was like kids do with catalogues...they know that SOMEDAY, it will all be theirs....somehow, she knows those words have to have hidden magic, and someday it will be all hers!

As a fellow book lover this excites me! I admit to aiding this obsession. I read to her regularly...and some of it is over her head, but she listens, so I keep reading...and someday, she'll read to herself...I know it.

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  1. oh that is so great! i just love books. i look forward to reading to my babies....when i eventually get to have them.