Friday, October 8, 2010

31 for 21: #8 Rat Cook!

Elise loves to cook. (She was making brownies in the picture in the banner, can you see her joy?) I cannot take my eyes from her when I am cooking supper or she will step in as soon as my back is turned and mix or flip or pre-heat the oven.

She can crack eggs, she can mix, she can add ingredients and LOVES to do so. She pores over Southern Living and cookbooks...oohing and ahhing and smacking her lips...

This wouldn't be so odd if you didn't know that she doesn't like to eat...unless we are talking crackers. Really, if there is not bread or pasta or crackers then supper is a knock down drag out. She will oogle stew in a book, but if you mix up said stew, forget about her even trying it. It is the strangest thing!!!

We chalked up the eating thing to chemo for a long time (the chemicals that are administered can cause a long term effect on how things taste)...and it probably still figures in a little...and she still has a fair bit of sensory defensiveness, but the scope of what she will not eat is mind blowing. We are lucky that V-8 put out V-8 Fusion and that she will choke down pears and green beans other-wise we would probably be dealing in malnutrition. We have to sit on her to take I said, malnutrition.

Her favorite movie is Ratatouille. For those that don't know, the whole thing is about a rat who cooks and dreams of being a chef. Promptly following a rather obsessive period, she pre-heated the oven to cook some microwave popcorn. Whole house smelled like burning crayons. It took some considerable time to get the melted plastic wrap off the bottom of the oven and shelves. We DID find the oven lock mechanism shortly after this incident, THANK GOD!!!!

Maybe she will eventually eat some of her handiwork...and become a world famous chef, just like her hero, Remy the Rat.


  1. oh my! I can just smell the burning plastic. I had a hard enough time getting the melted bread bag off my burner. Don't know how you'd get it all off the oven!
    I remember when she would only eat the sweet potato baby food and you told me that the doctor said that you could live off sweet potatoes. Do I remember that correctly? I've always been facinated by that. Elise taught me that little bit of trivia with her eating oddities. I love that she loves to cook! So many mother/daugher time memories to be made there!

  2. oh my goodness. Thats cute. The saying "you can't trust a skinny chef" comes to mind.

  3. Although Elise doesn't like to eat herself, she does love to feed other people--Amelia, Charlotte, whomever will eat what she doesn't want on her plate. Maybe this fosters the interest in cooking??