Wednesday, October 27, 2010

31 for 21: #27 Mad Computer Skillz!

Elise may have delays. She may have her struggles...but let me tell you that girl has mad computer skillz!!!

When she was four, she got herself from to yes, her shopping cart had an interesting combination of things collected. I'm just glad she didn't know my credit card number.

Last year, she changed our computer wallpaper from the standard choices, to a picture of her sister. I am not completely sure how she did it.

She can access things that make my brain hurt. I do not have the same bookmarks on my computer as she does at school...but she can type in enough of the URL to get to websites. I kid you not.

She can play games and can navigate the web such that she could put some adults to shame. She knows how to get games on my iPod and can access more features on her iPod than my friends. She can save her "work" on my desk top and I have a couple of Word documents there that she has written on any given day...

She loves touch screen modifications, but is very adept with a mouse and keyboard. I anticipate her only getting more proficient. I would not be shocked if she manages to get involved with a IT type of job!!!

The more computer-ized the world gets and the more stuff she pulls off, the more I think that there are a lot of people out there that may need to watch their jobs a little more carefully in the coming years!

She is virtually unstop-able when she gets her determination into out world!!! The Geek Squad may be up for a make-over...

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  1. "We are witnesses!" I was amazed to watch her navigate her Leapster yesterday! She is quick as lightening. I don't even have time to process what she's doing - and she's accomplished her task! She IS amazing in technical tasks. I'll never forget her hanking sails in gale force winds - and she KNEW what she was doing! . . . and she NEVER GIVES UP! Oh, that ALL children had such a perseverant spirit!