Friday, October 15, 2010

31 for 21: #14 Music

Sorry I missed a post yesterday. Half days at school are always crazy and last night Gabriel had a band concert.

Which Elise enjoyed thorougly. She's a tiny band groupie. She's who band directors should hire to come to concerts to start the cheers. :)

She LOVES music. Like it's in her soul. She is not picky either, she loves Veggie Tales, Hip-hop, Country, Bible songs, Hymns, and Big Band. Anything, really. She will dance and cheer when the radio gets turned on and sing at the top of her lungs.

For someone who really struggles to talk, she has a great voice. Kinda husky and night-club-y, but she carries a tune really well.

Ethan took her to school a lot last year, she started about the time he had to leave and he went right by it, so she would groove with him all the way there. I admit, I wasn't really aware of what they were listening to so when Kanye West came on the radio and she broke into Gold-digger with it, it really surprised me. :)

I guess it shouldn't. She would sing Brad Paisley, KT Tunstall, Cake, The Chipmunks in my car. She particularly enjoys "Flyflies" (Fireflies) by Owl City, right now.

I look forward taking her to her first concert. I can't think of anyone who would enjoy it more. I would also love to go with her to a symphony. I may try to find a Christmas music spectacular this year. She adores Christmas music...she tried to talk me into it all summer. I admit that I put my foot down...but we did dig out the "White Christmas" movie with Bing for a July showing.

I have found statistics that a very large proportion of kids with Downs play multiple instruments. At first, I was fairly surprised, but am no longer. We got a piano from a friend for Gabriel's birthday and Elise can be found at it every single day.

I have hunted as many learning videos with music as I can, as they are amazingly effective. She retains so much more if it is seeped in music.

She will have a hissy fit if you try and turn stuff off before it has finished...even its last strains, she shares my irritation if a radio DJ jumps in too early.

I wish you could listen to music with her, her joy is contagious. She received a second-hand iPod shuffle last Christmas and while I like to watch her listen, I love it when she breaks out into song. I don't think anyone enjoys it as much as she does...and she loves to share it.

Due to our move and change of schools, Ethan can no longer take her to school...I'm a lucky girl that I get to share a car ride with Elise with the music dancing through the sunshine. I wish I could share, I really don't. Nah, nah, boo-boo! :)


  1. "Fireflies" is Nikki's favorite right now too! I have to admit I am pretty fond of it myself. Their music just makes you want to stand in the middle of the room and twirl.
    Did you know that Elise made me tear up one week in church? We were a couple of rows behind you and could hear her singing and there was something so pure about it. I stopped and just listen to her because it was holier than anything coming out of my mouth. She reminded me to really enjoy what I was singing about.

  2. That's why I find myself crying almost every Sunday.