Saturday, October 2, 2010

31 for 21: #3 Oh, NO!

When Elise was 2 ish, we had already had failure to thrive, cardiac failure, open heart surgery, thrombocytopenia, AML (leukemia), and had "wonky" thyroid issues...we were getting jumpy.

And then IT started happening! Suddenly, Elise's beautiful eyes would start to glaze over a little, and she would put her arms over her head and start to sway like a dandelion in the breeze.

Oh, NO! She's having seizures! She has started regressing! She has autism! The chemo is attacking her brain! THE FEAR !!!! ANYTHING started sounding possible after the previous 2 years...

And then I took it down a couple of notches from crazy and realized that she was not having neurological issues...and maybe she was watching something...and maybe that something was her shadow...

That was the beginning of Shadow Baby. Elise adored to dance and play with Shadow Baby...the dances and celebrations!!! Oh, it was SUCH a party!

I miss Shadow Baby! She was such a polite and clean friend...she never pitched fits and was so quiet!

Shadow Baby has grown a great deal over the last 6 years! And she does come over and play in the yard with us some sunshine-y days! I believe that she will be a very faithful friend for years to come!

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