Monday, October 11, 2010

31 for 21: #11 Do What?

Okay, you know how sometimes you look at someone, and see their lips moving, and understand that you are speaking their language, but cannot comprehend what they are saying? And it is only later that the pieces fall together and you get it? And you realize that apparently you were having two different conversations...that somehow, there was a HUGE miscommunication...And you are thankful that you didn't quite understand, because you would have fallen over laughing?

That happened to me when I was pregnant with Amelia, my third. Elise was 3 and 1/2. And I had gone with my husband to his friend's birthday party. At this party I met several local politicians and their wives. I really enjoyed talking to one of the wives, she was very well-spoken, smart, and generally likeable...and we got to talking about my very obvious pregnancy and how many kids we had, and so on. It soon came up how my older kids were feeling about another sibling...Gabriel of course was excited, even though it was a girl...and I said that my daughter didn't really "get it" and she had special needs, so we weren't sure how she was going to handle being a big sister...and this sweet woman got very worked up about how I needed to take care of those special needs and that a pedicure with just us girls was just the ticket...and that I could make a monthly date to get a mini mani-pedi and that all those special needs would be met and she would be fine...WHAaaa? I was struggling to follow this conversation. I kept nodding and smiling and it wasn't til later that I realized that she thought that Middle Child Syndrome was the special needs that we were talking about!

The more I thought about it, the funnier this got...the idea that we could fix Down Syndrome with a well-timed mani-pedi tickled me to no end...It still gives me the giggles!

Well, I've tried it. And while Elise still has Down Syndrome, her tiny toes sparkle happily with paint...and we never had issues with Middle Child Syndrome! So maybe that lovely lady knew what she was talking about after all! :)


  1. TOOO Cute! If only life were that simple, HUH?! Enchanting, as always!

  2. Too funny! I am really enjoying this daily blog. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Hi, Just wanted to tell you I DO enjoy your blogs and am so glad you started this blog. I've been meaning to add some comments, but kept
    putting it off.
    I like the name of it "Just a Little Bit Downsy". That is so cute. Your sweet little girl is precious. She is a gift. And she is very fortunate to have such a loving family and dedicated mother.
    I know you have been thru some real trials, but God is your strength and supporter for each day; and I'm sure you have relied on His hand of guidance all along.
    I intend to read some more on your blogs and will make some more comments later on.
    Thank you for posting this beautiful and informative site.
    May God bless you richly in all you do!


  4. I remember what a kick Ethan got out of this incident! I've never even thought about Middle Child Syndrome with Elise. She's quite comfortable with her place in the family! Funny!