Sunday, October 17, 2010

31 for 21: #17 Dora has Downs??

I've said for years that I think Dora has Downs. (Teasingly, of course.) But if you sit down a look at a picture of Dora, she has a lot of physical similarities.

She is short of stature, her torso is long in comparison to her arms and legs. She has larger hands with limited movement and short little fingers. Her eyes are very almond-shaped, appearing to have a prominent epicanthial fold. When she smiles, you often see her tongue, appearing to be a little large in her mouth. She has an almost non-existent bridge of her nose, and a flat-ish back of her head.

If you live at my house, she dances exactly like Elise...and she is very curious...and she is very joyful....and she is adamant that you play her game and interact with her plans! I'm telling you, she may have Downs!

I was wandering about and found this little gem...and I am DYING to see it!!!! How cool is this???? A cartoon where the focal character has Down Syndrome...and just lives her life! Not scary or weird or whatever, just life! AND people with Downs have been consulted in the creating and writing of the script! I hope desperately that the US brings this over!!!

Punky the Irish Cartoon Star with Down Syndrome

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