Monday, March 11, 2013

Elise Knows

Elise LOVES movies of the underdog.  She loves movies where expectations are challenged.  Where the protagonist discovers that what he was searching for was there all along, and that it was, in actuality, the misfit that was NEEDED to fulfill their life.  Where the outcast becomes the hero.  I used to think it was a coincidence.  That she liked the colors or characters or the pratfalls.  I am not so sure anymore.

I think she identifies with the characters.  We will be watching Wreck It Ralph this week.  I'll update you if my theory is correct.

As for me, I cried over several scenes.  Seeing my girl in them.  And I'm not the only one that saw my kid, and for that matter, myself, in Vanellope.  Check out this THREAD in "Wrong Planet".

Which brings me back to my post of EARLIER.  Perspective. 

The long beloved movies, that are watched over and over in childhood and faaar into adulthood often have similar themes.  The misunderstood: finds a friend, finds a power, becomes the hope of all mankind.  Why are they so loved?  Because we all feel misunderstood.  We all want that friend or spouse that understands everything and loves you despite it...finds you more wonderful because of it.

Comedy and poignancy come from the over painting of a "universal truth". 

And then it hit me, (in carline, of course) that Elise is an over painted truth.  We are all different.  We are all missing components, we are all dealing with extra stuff from the theoretical "norm", which, honestly, simply doesn't exist.  She is just on a grander scale.

She is the Glitch, that makes us all look a little more critically at our carefully crafted worlds.  That makes us question our expectations.  That make us thankful for our own oddities and strengths.


  1. Yes: we do feel misunderstood. Or inadequately understood or estimated.

    When you talked about "overpainting", that really made sense because Glitches are often layered (whether in analogue or digital).

    Yesterday I looked at PhotoTherapy with Canadian photographer-therapist J Weiser and she deals with difference really well.

    Someone else who identified with Vanelope is Schuyler.

    Thankful for oddities and strengths.

  2. Would you mind sharing a list of her favorite videos some time? I'd love to watch some with my niece. Thank you!

    1. I've now upgraded Elise's music tab to her Audio/Visual Dept:

      I will try and keep it updated! :)

      Thanks for asking!

  3. I always root for the underdog too... I'm kinda an underdog myself!