Wednesday, March 20, 2013

socks? really?

At the risk of hacking off my peeps, I don't get the newest Down Syndrome Awareness "thing".  It's called Lots of Socks.

Truthfully, I don't really get the whole wearing of colors to bring "awareness" for anything.  A shirt printed with pride, a website marked on it....whatever, that makes sense.  A color telling you to be "aware"?  Really?

I participate in World Down Syndrome Day and the 31 for 21 blogging initiative for Down Syndrome Awareness, not for you to know about my kid, to be aware she exists...hey, you can look at her and realize she's not like all the other's so you can understand more about my fears for her, my child's triumphs and struggles, and maybe become more encouraging and supportive...maybe make a difference and a more inclusive future for her later...

Money is cool.  Fundraising helps.  But you want to know what helps more?  Involvement.  Support.  Acceptance.  Talking to my child and those with her disabilities.  Getting to know those with any disabilities.  Shadowing or teaching them at church.  Simply welcoming them at church!  Teaching them and not abusing them.  Coaching them in special and typical leagues.  Working along side them.  Taking them to movies.  Asking them about their days and LISTENING to their answers.  Being a TRUE friend.

I'm pretty excited about this new group I'm seeing forming:  Down Syndrome Uprising here is another great article addressing it.

Anyway.  I'll probably blog for awareness...but I won't be wearing socks.  I tell you about my child, not so you'll feel sorry for her or me.  I blog so you won't see her as a scary stranger, so you will talk to her, so you will include her, and take the extra step to be her friend.

Help make a difference.

Be beautiful feet.  Not wild socks.


  1. Great post. Love those sockless feet.

  2. Love this post! Can I link on my blog? I feel like whatever I have to say about 3/21 has been said - better - in other places.

  3. I love the sockless feet as well but I would go barefooted all of the time if I could... Although, I do have some pretty fun socks in my dresser drawers but that's besides the point! Lol! I like this post a lot. I often feel like I am obligated in ways to blog for certain causes or groups, when all I really want is to just share my daughter with whoever takes the time to stop and check out my blog! I want to spread awareness on Down syndrome too, it is a very big part of our lives because it is one of her diagnosis and one that she wears so visibly for the world to see but your post was inspiring to me to continue to follow my heart and not the next fad or "thing"' thanks!