Thursday, March 21, 2013


The only blog hop I'm really kinda excited about today:

Fact:  Elise is just like me.  She looks like me.  She has my quirks for good or for ill.  Stubborn, Sensory, and ADHD are all me.  She took my "style" or lack thereof.  Men's shirts and flip flops anyone?  She is enchanted by books.  She giggles over the oddest details in movies.  She reads people easily and tends to judge them on their soul and intentions.

Fallacy:  You can't tell someone they look like a child with physical disabilities or that they are "just like" a child with behavioral disorders, because that would mean they have all the same negatives. 

Nope,  we have the same eyes and strengths.  We have the same stubborn genes.  We have the same issue with "weird" socks.  We are twinkies.  But that doesn't mean that I have her plus +1 gene or all the medical issues or speech impediments.  And I will take it as a compliment that we are "two peas in a pod"...and so will she until she hits the 30 minutes of teen attitude...because that's all it feels like in the long run anyway.  For as crazy as my mama makes me, I treasure all the "you're just like your mother" comments over the years...even when I was trying to distance myself.


Last Easter's drive by kissing.  I must have looked like I needed one.  Generally thrilled that somebody caught it.

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