Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Christmas Shopping??

You have no idea how excited I am for these dolls!!! I loved Downi Creations, but they went out of business years ago...and no other doll line has attempted to bring the beauty to the "typical" features of Down Syndrome to a doll.  Don't get me wrong, there are dolls out there with Down Syndrome...but frankly, they are creepy and hurt my feelings.  There is no way in this world would I give them to my daughter and tell her, "Here, these look like you".  This company has not only brought the beauty back, but it was brought not a toddler doll, but to dolls that represent the age and culture of our kids when they truly realize they are different. My heart was so full last night that I couldn't write.  But I simply MUST showcase these lovelies!!
I "found" these dolls thanks to my dear bloggy friend, Anna, the Chunky Chicken's mama, yesterday.  I also confess that one has already been ordered for Elise.  I now have to wait until it comes AND then I have to wait until I have a good excuse to give it to her. 
To try and narrow down one reason I am so excited about these dolls is laughable.  There are both girl and boy options.  They've made them so practical!  They will be bathe-able and they deliberately chose wigs that should stand up to vigorous "care". They've even managed to plan self-help/fine motor skills into their wardrobes...! I could absolutely gush compliments without end. 
I even find myself considering that maybe her sisters need one of their own to be friends with their American Girl dolls...promoting the beauty and differences that their sister has.
ANYWAY, PLEASE check out these fantastic dolls.  If you are on Facebook, you can watch their progress.  https://www.facebook.com/#!/DollsforDowns?fref=ts
And please share the "love" and tell others!!

(Oh, and in case you think I have an agenda?  I got bupkis for this "commercial", I don't know them, and it's just me spontaneously gushing!)


  1. You ordered already!? Gah! I haven't yet [sheepish]. I sort of wanted to wait to see the Ellie doll and I need to save up some money. That ER visit has set us back a bit! Anyway, thanks for the shout out! Very exited by the Dolls for Downs :-)

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