Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Since I threw some gasoline and a match out there...I figured I'd share a sad/funny puke story.  You know, because I haven't provided many giggles lately.

I did not know what Emetophobia was until lately.  In case you don't either, it is an extreme fear/anxiety of vomiting.  As I hold my toddler who is whimpering and breathing like she's run a marathon, and after 3 days of the same with Elise, I figure this is worthy of a post.

I know nobody particularly loves to throw up, but there is a difference between that, and someone who is ter.ri.fied. of it.  And both of my sensory kids are that way.  Elise screams and tries to run "from" it.  If she holds a bucket, or hangs over a toilet, she seems to think it is inevitable...where if she's getting away from it, maybe she can fake it out.  It hasn't worked for her yet...not with this virus, not with chemo, not with any of it...ever.  And yet, she always tries.

(There has been a lot of unnecessary cleaning due to this habit.)

During and immediately after, she tries to burrow into your pocket...sometimes it feels like your very soul...

Charlotte is somewhat the same.  She is petrified of puking.  BUT she will man up at the last second and do her penance in an Easter basket.  A cute one.  With frogs.

However, she also cannot be touched during or immediately after. 

Elise has felt very sorry indeed for Charlotte.  And has tried to hug and pet her when Charlotte begins to scream with fear as the nausea rolls up...Which initiates the evil witch spitting and toddler-cursing and she scrabbles away from the very tight hugs.

It is a truly tragic cycle.

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  1. There used to be a mom around the blogworld whose adolescent son had this. You couldn't even mention anything involving throwing up, around him... and his siblings would have to sneak and whisper to their parents when they were feeling sick! I hope your little ones just grow out of it, or maybe there is some sort of therapy? Hopefully not exposure therapy!!!