Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 for 21: #6 - Things You Should Know (part 2)

This is a part of yesterday's POST

Part 2: Something you should know about my child with Downs?

Sometimes she man-handles you so you can experience fun.

Elise has a history of physicality.  Sometimes negative.  She has really struggled with impulse control in conjunction with her ADHD.  She acts out in frustration.  She acts out in anger.  She acts out in "OH-I-should-touch-that!" abruptness. 

But sometimes, she thinks you're missing out.  There are times where she will physically move you into an experience she thinks you should have.  This is not out of mean-ness.  This is out of a genuine desire that you have some fun.

She is currently doing GREAT in school.  The ADHD impulse is reigned in by our LAST line of defense medication. (WHEW!)  And after last year (HERE and HERE), you have no idea how very thankful I am!!!  But now she is have a little difficulty on the play ground.  Because she cannot get her thoughts out in words properly, she is manipulating friends on to swings, slides, and monkey bars.  They don't really want to be pushed onto playground equipment, but she doesn't know how to say, "Come on!  Let's go play on ______!"  Or, "This is really fun!!  Come try this!!"

So.  Sometimes, she just wants you to have fun.  So if you you see her forcing someone onto a play set, maybe ask her why, instead of slapping her down, physically or emotionally.  "Elise do you want So-and-So to play with you on ____?  Why don't you ask them to 'come on?'"  Give her easy words to use...she'll try.  I promise.

Oh, and you and your child can totally say, "No."  Just because she has disabilities doesn't mean she gets to be a bully any more than she should get bullied.  And I'm not the only one who thinks so.  See HERE

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