Monday, October 31, 2011

31 for 21: #30 The 21 Snapshot

Last year, I stole an idea from a friend and I'm revisiting it again this year...I was too tired to think last night, so I'm putting up two posts today to make up for it! 

Last year my friend over at Sunflower Stories posted 21 facts about her boy...and has for several years...and I loved it so much I decided to do the same every year, whether or not I did the 31 for 21 again!!

HERE is last year's!

And for this year:

1)  Elise is in love with wolves and pigs again this year....but we've added a total obsession with horses, too!

2)  Her favorite movies and shows this year are:  Shrek, Wall-E, Up, Shaun the Sheep, Wallace and Gromit, Mr. Bean, iCarly, and anything involving Christmas...bizarrely enough, it seems her favorites are heavily weighted to shows that rely on physical expression rather than dialogue...

3)  We have seriously cut into her cracker habit...but she still lives for crackers and popcorn...

4)  She likes to wad herself up and sleep in a ball...

5)  She still loves to have her Care Bears all lined up...but she now will shake things up and make her bears or elephant wear Build-a-Bear t-shirts...Believe it or not, this is a serious growth and maturity indicator!  :)

6)  This year, we decided to play on her techie super abilities, and utilize all the apps that are working communication miracles, and ask for donations from her grandparents and a Kindle Fire was ordered for her birthday...  I would totally tell you what I think of it, but it doesn't come out until middle of, I'll keep you updated!  ;)

7)  Elise is playing more independently more often.  Her American Girl, Kit, gets to have some serious adventures.  She loves to play with her plastic animal horde.  They have families, friends, and actually have conversations now!  She really is growing!

8)  She can read simple sentences on her own.  Her independence is growing with her vocabulary.

9)  With her growing ability to read on her own, she still enjoys to "read" books without pictures.  She pores over them, enchanted with the idea of words and their potential.

10)  Elise has enjoyed listening to the dramatized audio books this year.  This is HUGE people!  She is "getting" the story behind independent words, with no animation or pictures.

11)  This year Elise can actually ENJOY the pool!!  She spent the entire summer enjoying swimming!!!  Well, paddling around with her life-jacket...but for the past 8 years we've had nothing but screaming and this new found actual enjoyment of the pool??  SO AWESOME!!!!

12)  She still despises to have her hair brushed.

13)  *See #11*  While she would still adore to never have her hair washed, she is willing to take a bath nowadays!!!  Hoorah!!

14)  She still loves to cook.  LOVES to cook.  With some of the diet changes, we have been successful in finding some food that she will eat other than pizza and crackers.  Can you BELIEVE she likes CURRY???   She enjoys to make rice bowls and is branching out to eat veggies if they are mixed into stuff.  She happily makes and eats pot pies, too.

15)  Second only to any pizza joint, Elise's favorite restaurant is Tin Drum.  (Which is Thai food!) 

16)  For as little as she can communicate verbally, she gets really tickled over some pretty complex humor...

17)  Elise will actually color in a coloring book!!  This is a pretty substantial growth!!  I'm excited about the independence and getting to see her imagination in color!!

18)  She will still do her angry goose step, if she is not pleased about something.  Lately, she is adding a head tilt with a little lizard tongue spit to her repertoire, to express her displeasure, in a more mature display of anger.  (Ha!  Seriously, it is a much more restrained expression this year!!)

19)  *See #18*  Maybe we'll get words next year to lip off over things she is angry about.  I cannot believe this is something I'm praying weird.  Right now we are on the cusp as we occasionally will get a sound effect!  ;)

20)  She still pets our faces when she cuddles with us.  She pets her Care Bears when she snuggles them.  She is still very dependent on sensory input to calm herself.

21)  She still sucks her thumb as her drug of choice when she is tired or stressed...  But thankfully this year she has learned to wipe off her thumb before she touches others.  :)

My girlie is growing up!!!  Love her!!!

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