Saturday, October 8, 2011

31 for 21: #8 The Surprise Acceptance

Hello, my name is Tiffany.  My name is not Super Woman.

When I had a child with Down Syndrome, I knew almost immediately that I would be learning to accept a lot of changes that were about to go down in my life.  What I did NOT expect, was that I was going to have to accept that I could not "do everything".

I have talked before about how Elise gave me PATIENCE in mammoth supply...well, compared to before...  Today I need to talk to you about accepting help.

I am one of THOSE people that doesn't really like to delegate because I am sure to like how I do it better.  I prided myself in my independence, in my ability to pull off Herculean feats on my own.  Elise brought me an ability and need to ask for help.  She gave me the willingness to accept someone else's support.  And  more than that, she made the dependence on others beautiful.  I hate to ask anyone for anything.  I hate to look "weak".  But I have learned that some people NEED to give.  That it is their spiritual gift.  And when you learn to accept, you give and receive and it is super-sized blessing.  It's actually better than you imagined.  And believe it or not, it is a gift to them, too!  It was a hard to truth to comprehend for me.

A friend of mine offered this idea for today's blog (actually Lynn is the crazy brains behind my banner!).  And I was somewhat surprised by the subject idea.  Because, frankly, I thought I was the only one who had learned this was pretty is one of those thoughts that skitters through your mind and you really think you'll remember it for later, and then you don't...

Elise is a blessing.  And if I don't share her and her needs, I am hogging her and her gifts.  If I reach out to others, I'm sharing all I've learned and am learning about and from my child with others.

Elise has stretched and grown several family members.  She has changed and given insight to some of my friends.  She has given a mission to a few wandering youth, searching for a spot and calling.  She has certainly grown me, made me a better and more patient person in so many areas of life.  She has been a living miracle that others have gotten to witness.  A miracle that strengthens others' faith, hope, and perseverance.  I am greedy if I am not willing to share...a truth that I am finally learning.

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  1. Oh yeah! I've talked to my mother about this very thing. As a matter of fact I think our pastor has preached a sermon on it too. I have learned that Reagan has given an opportunity for other people to be blessed by giving and helping and nurturing. I think that is one reason God gives up people with Down syndrome...he knows we need what they have to teach us.