Friday, November 30, 2012

Politics. And the CRPD

Okay.  There are some things that have folks murmuring concerning special needs and the UN.  I am going to answer this in a very short, to the point version.

Here is the public version that you can view.
 Doesn't look terribly bad or scary, does it?

So why is Santorum against it?  I mean he has a child with severe and profound needs.  You would think that he should head the parade, right?

It comes down to this in a nutshell.  One of the United States' biggest contributions to the world at large is human rights.  They have had their own flies-in-the-ointment and skeletons, but over-arching, they have gotten spread too thin, militarily and financially, in helping and protecting groups of people who could not help themselves.  This includes people with disabilities.

But in offering this and signing on for United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) , we are effectively giving away more of our control over our own country.

Especially in our rights regarding our children.  Most especially in our rights regarding our children with disabilities.

We are handing over the reigns of these decisions to countries that we do NOT have a voice in, that we cannot vote out, and that have a history of human rights violations.  In their past, and in their present!

This is currently going on in countries that are members in the UN.

I am 100% sure that I don't want nations that are okay with this involved with my choices concerning my children.

If we sign on to this, we are not helping children in any other country.  It only applies to our own.  And these laws will supercede our own national laws.

So.  I am personally asking my senators to vote against this.  Not because I do not want my child protected, but because I do not want people who are not me to make decisions about what is best for my child.  I have seen teachers who see my child everyday make poor decisions about what would be best for my child.  I certainly do not want somebody who not only does not know what my child's best interests are, but who could utilize my child in a political maneuver. 

And I would have zero recourse.

And that is that.

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  1. Thanks for sharing - I know there has been a lot of controversy, glad to see your post.