Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Project - 2011

Oh, yes. I know I'm jumping the gun. But I figure I am doing it for more thoughtful reasons than Target and Kroger...

I would LOVE to get as many guest bloggers as I can for November again this year...keeping the theme: Thankful That We Are Not Alone!

You can volunteer and get "assigned" a topic, you can proposition me for your idea, or you can send me a ready written post and I will try and squeeze everybody in!! Some of you can also count on me banging on your email door begging you to come back on!!!

Why on EARTH am I asking you in SEPTEMBER?? So you have time to write it, piddle, tweak it, and get it to me BEFORE you lose your mind in the holiday craziness!! I don't want to be another stressor, but I really loved having you all on!! PRETTY PLEASE contact me at underwater@gmail.com if you are interested AT ALL!!! And, hopefully this goes without saying, you can be wrestling any special need, it does NOT have to be Downs...Nor can we have too many parents writing about their Lovey with Downs....so line up and let the writing begin!!!!! And it's not too late unless it's December 1st to submit... :) Then I'll use it for some other project or just post you as a guest!

Peek HERE if you'd like to see last year's Rock Star Guests!!!


  1. I'm not a big time blogger, but I'll write a post for you if you'd like. About anything.

  2. Hi Tiffany. I wouldn't mind guest blogging if you would have me. I have a relatively decent post on Sensory Processing Disorder or I can write on something completely different. Let me know!