Thursday, September 29, 2011

Shiney New Name

"You're not the same as you were before," he said. You were much more... muchier... you've lost your muchness," he finished, nodding as if that made perfect sense.
"My muchness?"
He crouched and poked her in the stomach with his finger. "In there," he said. "Something's missing."

-Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland"

I am usually a book person, not a movie person...I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good movie, but usually a book trumps the movie. This time, I feel that, while different, this movie is powerful. Maybe even better than the book.

I read "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carroll twice to confirm if this quote was in the book, as I got conflicting information on the Internet. I can fairly confidently assert, this interchange was not Lewis Carroll's.

But it is brilliant.

As I mentioned, I am changing the name of this blog, not because I am ashamed of my original blog name, but because of the ugliness it can be associated with, and I don't want to hurt by default.

So, on to the new name...Um, what's with that mouthful of nonsense words?

"Muchier Muchness", while nonsensical, shares the "MORE" with which you live your life.

Elise may have an extra chromosome and the deficits that it brings, but she brings to our lives (and every life she touches!) a magnitude of joy, courage, and passion that cannot be put into everyday words. She has "Muchness" in spades. She never holds back from insecurity, she never worries about what others think, she always shares her joy, and always loves deeply. She spills into others' lives and bubbles through their pre-conceived ideas, changing and improving their lives. Her joy permeates your heart and makes your soul grow.

Elise, unlike Alice in that moment, knows who she is. Elise is confident in her muchness. And she is willing to share.


  1. LOVE the new name! Loved the old one too, but if you have to change it....wonderful choice! :) I may have to steal that line in reference to Reagan.

  2. I love the new name as well. Muchier Muchness!