Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Victoria - June 28

This is Miss Victoria. She is a proud member of her heart family (LEGALLY!!) and just got home this last week. She got directly off the plane and straight to our local children's hospital. I beg your prayers for her!! Your prayers are incredibly important!! If you are an Atlantan, here is a concrete "least of these" opportunity.

Here is her current STORY and her FAMILY'S BLOG.

I am going to be spending the night with Victoria on Wednesday night. I am more than pleased to be doing so, and hope to come back with an idea of the family's needs...but the last time I spent the night on the 4th floor at this particular hospital was back when Elise was on Chemo. We've been there for over nights on first floor post-op, but Victoria is not on the first floor. My chest is getting tight thinking about it and find myself really struggling to breathe. I seriously didn't expect this physical a reaction. I can honestly say that I can hardly wait to hold her and be a snuggle from Jesus. But I would appreciate a couple of selfish prayers for my surprise anxiety.

I would like to remind you why this is so important. THIS is fact. This is why, if you can, I would ask you to donate to Reece's Rainbow or consider being a parent to someone who desperately needs it. The fact is, children like Victoria are dying with no one to love them, no one to spend the night with them.

If you can't open your home right now, help someone who is. Please.


  1. I am so happy you get to be with Miss Victoria! Tears! I know that it will be such a big help to the family and Victoria will not be alone. Give her a little hug and whisper a prayer in her ear from me. Of course I will say a little prayer for your anxiety.

  2. Hello, do you have a fb page? I'm in the Atlanta area (West Cobb) and have already talked to another Ds mom who wants to help. Her name is Jamie Barber Rogers, she lives in Canton. Let us know how to we can help.

    Katrina Pitre