Friday, June 17, 2011

Church and Inclusion

I am working through some of our own questions that is tightly tied to what is appropriate to ask for...I will talk more at length of this another time...but I thought THIS needs to be thought over...

Thank you to Fighting Monsters with Rubber Swords for sharing!!


  1. I find this account horrifying, Tiffany. Surely NOT what the body of Christ is meant to be. A worthy challenge ~ for this mother to challenge a church's comfort zone. Bring it on! Anxious to hear your thoughts . . . They will be rich, as always, I have no doubt :)

  2. Ooh, this is interesting and very though provoking. The blog author did an excellent job trying to show both sides and sparking a debate. Here is what needs to happen--every church needs what is called a "cry room" (a room in the church with speaker system and entire wall with clear glass)--maybe title it something different. We had one at our church growing up. It was so EVERYONE could be a part of the service. Noisy children/adults and their parents could be in the "cry room" and hear and see the service in its entirety. The kids could be loud, they could eat snacks. My current church has no such thing and hence, I do not attend. Ellie would be running up and down the aisle screeching loudly. I am sure we would be kicked out. We preach forgiveness and acceptance and yet out places of worship are the WORST. I see everyone's point of view in this but I do not like that commenter who said child, dog or parrot. Um, comparing a child to a pet? For real?