Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Business of Adoption

No, my friends, don't panic yet...I am still working on my husband...but it is my prayer to either adopt or get involved somehow in my future.

I know many people who adopt because they cannot or choose not to have their children biologically. I know people who adopt because they feel called to. I know people who adopt because they, like me had their hearts ripped from their chests at some point.

My heart was ripped from my chest when Elise was less than a year old. A good friend, who desperately wanted to adopt and who felt called to, was perusing a flier with available children...and there was a tiny girl, who looked JUST like my girl, staring up at me. It broke my heart that she needed a home, and while I knew that there "was a market" for "those babies" (yes, those were the words offered me by my lovely OB who delivered Elise!) The idea that she needed a home called me.

That was the seed planted...then over the years there have been words said, stories told, and pictures taken that have caused my heart to crave it more.

Practically, my words have been "If I will never be an empty-nester due to one, why not two...?"

On a deeper level, my heart breaks for these children...especially the international situations...because this is the stuff that is going on NOW, not 100 years ago, not 50 years ago, not even 10 years ago. Now. (Even my mama didn't watch/read these...please do...these are the stories of rights and abuses that happen when children get moved from orphanges to institutions...and perfectly good people do nothing...)

I have further more gotten a day to day education in watching my Bloggy friend pursing her adoptions...



And the idea that I could save even one from this life cuts me to my knows how this will drive me...Right now the only thing that I feel like I can do is donate to which is an organization that tries to find these babies families...and I can help with their costs...but someday I believe that God will ask me for more...

So those who think that I am a flippin' crackpot to adopt another firecracker when I am treading water with my own...consider the facts. There are babies who need someone.

Why not me?

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  1. I think about this a lot too and hope that someday I will be in a position to offer more than a few bucks to charity. What a wonderful thing to give someone!