Thursday, March 17, 2011

Business Day

I have two giveaways in the works!

The Dale Evans book Angel Unaware

and the Designer Genes one

I have decided to extend the Angel Unaware to World Down Syndrome Day, March 21! So make sure you are entered!! Comment here, on the original post, or on the Just a Little Bit Downsy Facebook page; or all 3!!! (If Google is having a bad day and you don't Facebook, you can email me your entry, too!) This book is not just for those who have people with Down Syndrome in our lives!! It's for everyone!! Really, it is beautiful and you really need to read it!!!

The Designer Genes one? I need more pictures of your cuties rockin' that extra gene with flair! Thank you to those who have sent in your pictures already! (Make sure that you send written permission to post your pictures!) Also, in my head, I had new or handmade stuff to be offered for the aged giveaways, but in the spirit of my commentary of how you can dress with style cheap, your hand-me-downs would be great, too!! Thank you to Ellie's mama for offering a pre-rocked Gymboree outfit and giving me that idea!! Check out your babe's closets! If they are anything like mine, half is all out-grown anyway! Funny shirts and snazzy socks? Come-on, I know you've got something!!

I look forward to celebrating with you!!

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