Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brag aBout - Cara

Hi Tiffany! Here is my brag form for you. So fun!

Benji is the love of our lives now, and he is eight months old. He is the baby of the family, and all his siblings more than adore him. They are Logan-11, Abigail-9, J.J.- 7, Anna Rose-4, and Mary-3.

Benji has been a healthy guy, and we are truly blessed. But he does have a small hole in his heart that we are praying is closed by his next visit. And he has struggled with sickness going straight to his little lungs- poor guy. He has had to be on lots of antibiotics for that. But he was completely protected for a couple of months, and we are so thankful to the Lord for that.

Right now, we are having so much fun watching all the new things he is doing. He loves to reach up for us to pick him up. He likes to say, da da and mama and other sounds a lot. He is sitting up without falling at all now and gets up on his own. We just know he is going to crawl any day. He gets up and rocks and rocks, but he just doesn't go yet. He loves to smile and is very social. He would much rather look at people and talk to them in his baby language than play with a toy. Although, he has recently discovered this new musical toy that we put in his pack-n-play, and he does love that. He pushes all of the buttons and makes it make music and noise.

Something funny he did recently was at the Dr. He was in for bronchitis, and the nurse was checking his oxygen level. She was wrapping it around his foot, and he was loving the attention. And he began to spit at her. It cracked us up. He kept doing it any time she messed with his foot. He knew that she thought it was funny, so he continued. She got the other nurse to come watch him. He also loves to grab onto my clothes in my closet on hangers and pull them off if I am carrying in there when picking out his clothes. We are so blessed to have him in our lives!!

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