Friday, March 16, 2012

The Wisdom of Dollies

I love my girlies.  I did not want girls particularly.  I was scared of the emotions and girly-ness, but I am beyond thankful that God did not see fit to give me the 3 boys (AND THAT'S ALL!) that I wanted.

Elise has never been terribly girly.  She is a bit of a tomboy, like I was.  And she eased me into the idea of girls.  She was not a giant fan of pink or frills or fancy, they actually make her just shy of crazy. 

She likes dolls on a friend level.  They like to do things together, but she doesn't actually play with them.  They watch TV together, she uses them to gang up on me to change movies, they petition for snacks.  They are pals.

I was always a little sad that dolls were never going to look like my girl. 

Her first "friend" was Stella, by Manhattan Toy Company.

Recently, Kit has been her partner in crime.

Groovy Girls are her preferred fashion dolls.  But she has minimal interest in them as they don't have as much clout as bigger dolls to act as "Activity Support".

I rediscovered Waldorf dolls this month.  I loved them when I was little.  I had one that I lost in the great mold plague of our basement.  I still have her clothes and remember how beloved her firmly stitched body was to me.  And it was interesting to discover that her Type has an actual name.

Remembering her beloved-ness, I bought a small one for Charlotte for her birthday.  She has not made friends with her.  At all.  Which is a shame because she is so very sweet. 

But Elise likes her.  And Amelia is infatuated with her.  Elise fell deeply into enchantment with this lovey that I was going to purchase for Amelia's birthday.  And now I can't give it to her as Elise is her heart mama.

It's funny.  Elise has certain toys that become friends and they bond.  I wish she knew how to "play" but I am thankful that with all her sensory issues, she has not separated herself from developing relationships.  Even with good hearted dollies.  Whose features are indistinct and vague enough that they look like everyone, they make no separations or judgements...

I might even argue that we view them they way our hearts should see everyone.  The same and completely lovable.

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