Monday, March 19, 2012


Elise has a surprise milestone...a sleepover...

We've had friends over in batches, you know, a family with multiple kids all sleeping together in sleeping bags on the floor?

But she's never had a invitation to sleep at a friend's house...until, I grant you it's still in the planning stages...but it's a possibility that'd I'd not even thought about for a while...because it's sad to dwell on.

Elise's best buddy at school is having jealousy pangs of her typical brother...and has been begging her mother to let her have a friend sleep over, too.  And so, awesome mama that she is, she messaged me and invited Elise over...and me, too...girls' night.  And so we get the best of both worlds, we provide our girls with the desires of their hearts...and we get to hang out and have support mama time, which is bonus.

And it all boils down to this...The milestones that you weren't expecting, they are the sweetest.

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