Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today's Miracle

By a fluke that can ONLY be considered executed by the Grace of God and a pure, unadulterated miracle, Elise just passed her hearing test. Holy cow, you coulda knocked me down with a feather.

The entirety of last week, she's been echo-ing everything I say to make sure she heard it right...sounding very much like the old preschool game: "This is a stick" "A what?" "A stick" "Oh, a stick!" and so on...or resorting to the old standby "HUH???" Constantly.

(That is why she got tubes in the first place.  A LOT of kids with Downs get a lot of ear infections.  Elise has, shockingly, not had that many.  But between the Everest-sized ear wax globs that we CANNOT get out without surgical expertise, and the constant ebb and flow of fluid in her ears, her speech and enunciation pay a very heavy price.  When she got her first set of tubes placed, she went around for 2 weeks with her hands over her ears, going:  "loud, loud, loud..."  And then her speech picked up like a wild fire!)

Sorry, digressing as usual...When the hearing and auditory specialist called yesterday, she said that we really needed to just do a trial hearing box run...I was not hopeful.  She was still echoing and was gross congested. 

This morning she woke up surprisingly clear and quit echoing...

When she passed the hearing test, the audiologist kept saying that whatever she was on for her congestion, had apparently opened up her ears...and I kept saying she's not on anything that would do that....  (Trust me, I know!) 

She certainly didn't not get the magnitude of the miracle...and I am just expanding on the story so you get it.

The true importance of this story, and what it means practically, is they can go ahead with her testing and re-qualification for special needs services, we are not bound and gagged by the surgery...She will still need it, but we can take our time and get it whenever she actually gets well...whether it be next week, or more likely, March.

Ironically, this afternoon she sounds pretty congested again, and is echoing again...


God's just plain mind-blowing sometimes...

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