Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good News About the Next Generation!!

I wanted to share a story tonight.  When most of the news I get about Down Syndrome is scary and about exclusion and genetics testing, I can sometimes get discouraged.  But I had this interchange on Facebook with a friend of mine.  Her daughter "S" works with my daughter, Elise at church.  She signed on to shadow Elise at a VBS a few years ago, and has stayed her faithful friend for the last 3 years.  And you can see by this conversation with her mother "H", just how faithful a friend.

"H:  Guess what just happened to 'S'

Me:  Not sure if I want she okay???

H:  She got fired from AMC at the avenue. One of her fellow employees was making fun of a down syndrome girl and 'S' got loud and in her face and the manager escorted her out and fired her. I am boycotting the theatre.

Me:  :o
Can they do that????
Shouldn't that go the other way????????

H:  They said since she did it in front of guests they fired her.

Me:  I want the manager's name

H:  I told her how proud I am of her.  The other girl got fired too but I don't care.

Me:  I am proud of her too...she's who makes it better for my girl and others like her.

H:  That is what she said. So proud she said if I have to forgo my job to stop someone from being made fun of that is fine."

Her mother, "H", bragged on her on Facebook, saying:  "So proud of 'S' for getting fired tonight. Love it when my girl stands up for people who can't stand up for themselves. I am going to frame her separation notice. Way to go 'S'."

And, for the record, her firing slip listed the reason she was let go as "Substandard Performance".

This happened here locally, at The AMC movie theater at The Avenue Forsyth.  I don't know what their policies are.  I do not know how public "S" was.  I am not asking you to boycott the theater, but whatever calls or emails you feel led to make, I certainly won't discourage you.

When I messaged her to tell her how proud I was of her, I got this message from "S":

"Thank you Elise is very special to me and no one deserves to be made fun of whether they r a little different or not and I won't let anyone talk that way around me.. I love you guys too:)"

I am just so proud of "S", I had to brag on her.  She is a true friend to Elise, because she does not compartmentalize.  She does not allow things to happen to other people and throw up her hands with "I can't change someone's mind."  She stood up to protect and give dignity to someone who needed it.

Proud doesn't begin to give words to the emotion I have for "S"!   I am honored to know her, honored that she is my daughter's friend.  Thankful that she is our "next generation".  I am thankful to my friend "H" and her husband "N" for raising such a magnificent young woman.  I am thankful that God has kept her heart gentle, her sense of morals strong, and her voice confident.

Way to go, "S"!!!!!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


  1. We need more people like "S" and I hope that others learn from her example. I am also impressed that her parents instilled such values in her. Anyway, thank you for sharing this story :)

  2. Heard about this. Can't wait to see her to tell her thank you and her hug her.

  3. I agree with Anna...we need more people like "S". Her parents should be very proud!

  4. What a wonderful story - S sounds like a remarkable young woman. :)