Wednesday, December 7, 2011

December's Giveaway #1: Dancing with Max

I got to go to a conference up in Chattanooga, put on by Signal Mountain Presbyterian Church.  It was the night before my birthday.  Emily Colson and her father, THE Charles Colson, was speaking on their book about raising her son , Max, who has autism.

You know how sometimes you find yourself realizing that you attended something for a single sentence?  That it was God's healing gift just for you?  Yeah, that was me that night.

My sentence was this:  Emily Colson and her father were discussing whether or not Max really understood his profession of faith, whether he understood the import of his statement...and his grandfather (Chuck Colson) went to (I believe) his pastor for insight.  His mentor looked at him and said, "The Holy Spirit speaks Max's language."

As I've mentioned before, that is my sole fear in raising a child with special needs, with diagnosed mental retardation.  Will she understand Christ enough to choose him for her Savior?  And in that single sentence, God literally took away my fears.  It's okay.  God knows the way to Elise's heart.  And that's all there is to it.  Period.

And so, I want to share this book with you.  I bawl everytime I read this book, for the depth of truth that I get to read...Dancing With Max by Emily Colson.

Please comment here on the blog, or on it's Facebook page, or send me an email at  Buy it or borrow it from the library, if you don't win it!!  And visit her Website and Blog for real world advice and for (again!) beautiful insights!!

Entries open until December 31, 2011!!

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  1. You know my fears with Ellie and her lack of talking. True, the Holy Spirit speaks Ellie's (and Elise's) language!