Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Thankful That We Are Not Alone" Project

I have had a couple of questions about this project in conjunction with some specific requests I've made of a few people.

"Thankful for there being others out there with Down Syndrome?"...not exactly...but...

The hope in this project that we'll find that we aren't all that different from other parents...typical or special...

Many parents with kids with special needs feel isolated. That they are the "only ones" because their child is different than their friends' kids. They tend to worry and be sad and lock themselves off from others as a protection device for their kids and their own broken dreams and plans...and by "protecting themselves" their friends get hurt and don't learn how to support. It is a vicious cycle.

Also, sometimes we get so bogged down "putting out fires" you know, the tyranny of the urgent...in the medical necessity, the educational concerns, the putting your head down and trudging, you forget that there are others out there literally with the same needs and concerns as you...who are a couple years ahead of you in the same path or side-by-side, that can give you advice and emotional support...and then you also forget who you were a couple of years ago and forget to reach out a helping hand to someone coming behind you...

This month's project I'm hoping will open doors, offer support, give advice, and generally encourage each other...eliminate the alone-ness for those with kids with special needs, diagnoses, stages, or even just "the not perfect" in your life that you weren't expecting.

So, I extend the invite again, come on over and share!


  1. I really look forward to this! "feel isolated".. you just said a mouthful!

  2. I love this idea! So anxious to read all the posts!!!