Monday, November 29, 2010

Thankful That We Are Not Alone - Guest # 17

I am In Love with the blog Life.Rearranged. Jeannett almost always has something I can relate to or something challenging and timely. If you have checked out NONE of the blogs I've MUST look up this one. I am so proud to have her on!!

"Tiffany asked me to guest post for her...the topic: anything I wanted.

How's that for freedom?! :)

I drafted posts in my head, mulled them over, and the one I kept coming back to was the idea of how having a child with different needs is so much more than the physical therapy appointments, the doctor visits, the special exercises, the daily fact, most times, when I think of my sweet JillyBean, those are the LAST things that come to mind.

The thought that comes to mind first and foremost is always how stinking lucky I am.

Crazy, right?
Don't get me wrong...I am no super mom. Nor am I a Pollyanna who sees everything through rose colored glasses.

We have bad days. I get overwhelmed. And sometimes, if I'm honest, I get a little jealous. Wondering what it would be like to not have all the extras that come along with my little blonde fairy.

But more than the bad days...I find myself thanking God from the highest mountaintops for delivering to me my sweet Jilly.

Yes, I am lucky because it could be worse.

Yes, I am lucky because she is progressing well.

Yes, I am lucky because there are others worse off.

But that's not why I consider myself lucky.

I consider myself lucky because Jill saved me from myself.

Jill has taught me to see the world in an utterly and completely different way.

I love more.

I am more compassionate.

I am a better friend.

My heart has been broken into a million pieces...

a painful process to be sure......

almost unbearable somedays...

but when it was put back together...

it was made into a fuller version of its former self.

I still have a long way to go. I will always be a work in progress.
I don't know that God will ever be done with me.

But as only other parents of special needs children truly understand:

We are the lucky ones."


  1. Yes, Amen to that! Having a child with special needs does have a huge affect on who you are. I think it changes you. And, as you said, brings you out of yourself and gives you eyes to see what God wants to teach us moms. He sure has taught me a lot thru my daughters disabilities. More love, patience, tolerance, compassion for others with problems. So much I needed to realize about myself; and God was very patient with me.

  2. i feel blessed for jeannett's voice, and others like hers. what a precious gift these children are and the families blessed enough to be rearing them. thanks so much for sharing your heart jeannett!

  3. Isn't it interesting how before we had our special kiddos we (or at least I did anyway) always wondered "how on earth do they do it?" Of course referring to those parents with special-needs little kiddos. My sister has two boys with autism and I still find myself wondering how on God's green earth does she do it? Well - now I know. You just DO. It's what you have to do. You suddenly don't know any different, and you just DO. And it all makes perfect sense to you, too. God gives us these special kids and He also provides us enough grace {and strength} to help mold them into what God wants them to be.

  4. beautiful perspective. That one made me a bit emotional :)