Monday, October 5, 2015

Snake Oils and Essential Oils

I have been using essential oils for a while now...As in, I got desperate with Charlotte never sleeping and flipping out and being unable to self-soothe...back about 3-4 years ago.

I have slowly upgraded to better quality oils.  I have done my homework on safe practices and what I shouldn't use on little kids.  I have read up on which ones are effective, and which ones just smell wonderful.

I would encourage you to do likewise, because just taking someone's word on extremism can be unwise.

I am a big fan of medicine.  I am a big fan of being aware that eating habits and exercise affect your health.  I am a big fan of essential oils.  I am also a big fan of using them all to make you healthy and balanced in life.

As I said, I got involved with essential oils when Charlotte would not sleep.  I got some marginal lavender oil and mixed it with water and HOSED her room down with it.  She because much more relaxed and rested willingly.  At the time, I didn't know or care if she just liked how it smelled, so she smelled more deeply, allowing her body to wind down to sleep or if it chemically affected her.

She was hyper sensitive to all smells and chemicals so this made sense.  If certain ones could turn her into a crazy woman in 2.3 seconds then it stood to reason that other external stimuli could smoothe out the nuttiness.

Over the last 3 years, I started reading up on oils.  Which could soothe, which could help kill germs in the air, which could freshen.  Eventually, I was looking more deeply.  Which could be used as antiseptic, which could help you concentrate, which could help you sleep more deeply.

About 6 months ago, I got a kit of oils and a diffuser from Young Living.  I am a terrible seller, because I can justify so many options.  I bought in mostly because I think some oils are worth the pyramid price because of the commitment to purity and the documentation, also with the kit, I basically got a diffuser for free.  Some I think are worthy of a lesser price tag that are sold from other quality options.  Some I like the mixture/ratios better in Young Living, some I prefer other brands.  I bought the kit because it had one of the more expensive oils that I wanted plus a diffuser, plus a bunch of other oils to try for basically free...and I knew I'd never try them if I had to order them separately.  I currently have Young Living, DoTerra, Plant Therapy, and Native American Nutritionals.  My favorites are Young Living and Native American Nutritionals.  I have found them effective to mediate many different issues.  They have helped Charlotte and Elise improve their coping and emotional feelings.  They have helped us fight off several viruses and they have helped us shorten the duration of several.  They have helped my girls rest more deeply.  They are helping mediate some of my ADHD symptoms.  They have helped with several of my migraine symptoms.  They smell wonderful. 

My husband is still skeptical, which is fine, it's his right.  He has said that it's all in my head...but as some of my struggles are in my head (stress, attention, migraines) then them helping in my head I figure is still a good thing.  However, he did get to witness Charlotte have a full on meltdown over spring break and the oils brought her back to sanity, such that they have received a certain measure of credence.

More importantly, they help Elise and Charlotte calm down...which, when you can barely get from place to place for them having an emotional breakdown, this is more valuable than diamonds. 

Just like medicine varies in dosage per person and gives different side effects and magnitude of those side effects because of personal chemistry, the oils are also differently effective on each person.  Elise is not impacted significantly by the oils I use for attention, but one of the calming blends is her personal silver bullet.  Amelia is very much calmed by some combinations.  Charlotte takes almost no strength to see huge changes in behavior.

If you are already a fan, I have one other thing to share...As I am carrying some of these oils around, I need a way to protect them and keep them somewhat organized.  I have been known to take them out to let a friend sniff them in a Tinkerbell lunchbox.  Which I find entertaining in a juxtaposition of wildly printed plastic and alternative natural therapies...

A friend of mine makes bags. While I know her to be a very quality seamstress, and I would have recommended her products simply on her consistency, she gave me a couple in a fun group swap, and I was shocked at the room in them.  I could get ridiculous numbers of rollers and oils in them!  GlowFromTheInside sells fun bags in prints for everyone and in a ton of different sizes, for storage or for grabbing them to keep everybody sane.  And, of course, they can keep anything in them, like pencils, crayons, make up, jewelry, rocks, or toys...which is why I always like bags!! 

If you have any fabric *NEEDS*, do message her, and she will find you something of your taste. 

If you have any oil questions, don't hesitate to message me on this blog's Facebook or email me...and I will happily get you the info you like.

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