Friday, October 18, 2013

31 for 21: Circling the Wagons

There is so much talk of awareness...but seriously, sometimes you have to circle the wagons for something as soon as you understand.  Today, I am sharing two of these things.  I don't really care if it's not Down Syndrome. 


Sometimes one thing leads to a whole world...  when my daughter was born, I learned about a parallel universe.  Now, mind you, I worked in the inclusion education world.  I knew many of the battles that happened in the hours of school, I was engaged, and I fought, in principle and in fact...but while those are important battles, the bigger and more overwhelming battle is every day life.

I read this and was seriously ready to go to war.  I mean, for serious, right then:

And then this week, Jeanett gave us a way to fight.  1 in 26 people are affected by epilepsy.  We can donate for research, awareness, and education; so it isn't full of the stigma that this ignoramus would lead us to believe.  And I am pleased to report, that, boy howdy, is Team Jilly fighting!!  Please join us!

Educate yourself:

NOW, again, Elise's best friend is Megan.  She has Mitochondrial Disease.  This is one of the most brutal diseases I know, it takes your child from you.  Slowly, painfully, and sneakily.  And it terrifies me, hurts me, and makes me want to come alongside in a meaningful way.  I am proud to link you to one of my best friends who "got it" and wrote this within weeks of meeting Megan's mama, my friend Laura:   

This is why "awareness" weeks, months, and whatever are so important.  Because sometimes you don't know to raise your voice, volunteer, donate, offer relief, and bring meals, if you don't know what is going on.

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  1. Oh friend.
    Thank you.
    So much.
    Heaven will be amazing.
    Hugs to you.