Saturday, June 22, 2013

Spinning Round

I've lost count how many times I have watched this today.  Merry Christmas.  Happy Summer Solstice.  You know, either one, whatever.

I suppose I should be thankful that we are not watching this 2 minute clip over and over:

Elise loves movies.  They are her drug of choice to control agitation.  She particularly loves holiday specific or never-in-real-life stuff.  I have concluded that Netflix must be run by either someone ON the Spectrum or someone who has a child on the Spectrum.  Because whatever else is put on or taken off, it's never the holiday movies.  Never, Ever, Ever, Ever.  I know because Gingy's Spookey Story has not once left our Instant Queue since November 1, 2011.  And yes, I don't miss the irony that we saw it for the first time AFTER the holiday was over.
Sometimes we get to watch the whole movie. 
Sometimes we watch 3-10 minute clips on constant recycle.
I guess, in general, I am glad that this self-soothing device is somewhat publicly acceptable.  But I would seriously love longer clips, or even a WHOLE movie...I comfort myself that they will get longer as she gets older. 
I leave you with my BFF Forever, Gingy's Spooky Story: The Bride of Gingy".  And for those of you that are Elise's friends, this is "Red Lips".

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