Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review of Gary's Book (so you will throw elbows for the giveaway!)

So I put up this giveaway and am generally shocked that I don't have 20 entries right now...and then it occurred to me that you may be looking at this book, thinking, "I am fine with my kid now, thanks so much. I don't need to wallow in the struggle anymore."

Which, believe me, I totally get. But let me say this really quick. You don't deal with the next 50 years right off the bat. You deal with "Now" every few years or so. When changes (or the lack thereof) come, you will regroup. I promise, in big ways and little ways, on purpose or because your life forces you to.

BUT, I digress as usual. This is not a weepy, what do I do now, I'm so depressed book. It gives practical support on how to be the best parent for your child as you can be, and this advice stretches across the years.

I'm going to totally cheat and tell you the titles of the chapter and a quickie summary of their content. K? That way you will want to enter or go buy a bunch for yourself and friends... :)

Gary based this off of a list of verbs that she found to most encompass our lives as parents with kids who have Down Syndrome.

1. Grieve-
Um, self-explanatory. But this explains why it is an important component of growth and the ability to celebrate!
2. Research -
This is a fantastic list of resources that will aid you in learning how to be the best parent that you can be. How you can be therapist, advocate, medical professional, teacher, and proactive parent; in the manner that empowers you and helps YOU to make choices for your child, and not get pushed around by "The System".
3. Incorporate-
(I loved this chapter.) It shares how to make Down Syndrome a part of your life, and not let take it over. She even brings in how it impacted her other children and their view of it.
4. Promote-
Once it is a beautiful part of your life, she offers suggestions on how to share it's beauty with others.
5. Include-
Advice on how to include "normal" in the "special" world and vice versa.
6. Understand-
Support and advice on how to understand and support your child with Down Syndrome. Also included, is how to understand "outsiders" and how to educate them and help them help you.
7. Advocate-
Practical advice on how and when to fight for your child's rights and to teach them how to fight for themselves.
8. Expect the Best-
Shouldn't you live your life this way? How to look for it and expect it.
9. Practice Healthy Scepticism-
Again, great advice. YOU are the parent, do not live your lives letting others tell you what to expect.
10. Plan-
Practically, plan for the day-to-day and plan for the future so you do not drift aimlessly.
11. Celebrate-
DO IT!!! :)


  1. WOW, Tiffany! Each of these areas describe what you embody, practically, in your day-to-day. It IS a great book! Thx for letting me PEEK at it !_!

  2. I am a new visitor to your site and a parent of a 2 yo w/DS. This sounds like a great book!