Sunday, October 16, 2011

31 for 21: #16 Fair's Fair

Our country fair has served to be a surprise source of angst over the last few years. 

It was my first public slap that my child wasn't "normal".  It also served as a healing of that very slap.  And gave me hope.  This year has become no exception. 

Today we went for the last day of the fair.  Because we had promised.  It's in the middle of the town, so we've passed it no less than 25 times since it set up.  They've been begging since the sky buckets went up.  Last year was such a lovely hit, they couldn't wait for the fun to begin this year.

The story for last year is HERE.

This year, the healing continues.  This year, Elise proved that some of her impulsiveness is coming under control such that she can participate in some rides that I would have NEVER considered for her in years past.  She was too tall for her beloved Nemo ride...she was exceedingly disappointed...but she handled that disappointment with far more grace than I had reason to expect.

Then, we were able to trust her on the Sky Swings...not to freak out and throw herself out of them.  Which trust me, is HUGE.  Mind you, WE were still strung out, but SHE did great!! 

Then, she got to bask in the joy of the bungie trampoline.  With ALL of us.  The possibility of equal, joint "normal" enjoyment is within sight again.  For QUITE a few years, I wasn't hopeful.  I really wasn't.

Do I think we will ever be empty nesters?  Eh.  Who knows.  Do I have confidence that there will be a lot of joy and fun in our future?  Absolutely.

And I can hardly wait.


  1. Wherever there's LEESIE, there WILL be fun--even if you have total ignore some really mean people! Don't let them keep your family from enjoying family events! Elise is sure to bring surprises and joy to anything as long as her family is there to share it with h er!