Thursday, October 13, 2011

31 for 21: #13 Elise is CatMouse

I am SURE I have to have mentioned that Elise looooves Tom and Jerry.  I mean LOOOVES Tom and Jerry.  She calls it CatMouse.  All one word.  Said veryfast.  :)
Now, I love some shows, with a deep and abiding passion, but I can honestly say that while I have memorized some scripts and could say them in my sleep, I have never memorized a movie such that I could act out every physical nuance of a movie or show...perhaps a movement or two but not the whole dadgum thing.

Elise takes it to a whole new level.  She can act out ALL of the puppetry of most of the Baby Einsteins.  With her back to the TV.  She also can act out virtually all of the Tom and Jerry episodes that we have.  Again, with her back to the TV.  But my very favorite aspect?  That she can listen to the music of "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby", and act out the Tom and Jerry cartoon around it, with sound effects.  And it isn't even the same artist.  Just the same music.  It is a pleasure to watch her.  She laughs just remembering the funny gags in timing with the music.

It's stuff like this that gives me insight into just how complex her mind really is...tied up and kept captive behind her lack of speech...I pray that somehow she wrestles her way out...finds the words to enchant us all...  I know I certainly will I am without the words, even.  :)

So, here is Tom and Jerry, performing Elise's favorite episode...while you watch, pretend that you have a pixie-eyed girl snickering in front of your screen mirroring it perfectly...and underscoring the sound effects.  I promise it will make it better!  It always does for me!!

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