Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 for 21: #18 Growth: the good kind and the bad kind

After yesterday's prep post, I am sure you are all curious how today panned out.

I don't have any labs back yet...but I figure no news is good news.  If her CBC, cholesterol, thyroid, or anything else is off, but "normal" for Elise, I'll get the print-out in the mail.  If it has jumped enough for panic or medication, I'll get a call either within the first 24 hours or 4 days (the thyroid labs take a few days).  So....we're good so far.

As far as the doctor visits went, the knowledge that there were crackers in my bag, tamed her panic at not eating.  Granted, she begged for them literally every 10 minutes...but she didn't end up crying on the floor (like last time).

However, Elise had been put on her magic ADHD meds since we were there last, and everyone noticed that she'd grown up and was not being so reactionary and obstinate.  Every single nurse and doctor commented on her maturity this visit.  Yay!

To give her props and celebrate her good growth, in the past, she has thrown a screaming fit every single visit over: her pulse/ox finger check (just the little red light finger clip!!), the height measurement tape (still don't get the scary in that...), and the blood pressure cuff (have we ever gotten one??).  This time, we got an accurate reading on every single one.  My jaw about hit the floor.  The nurse was so shocked he forgot to record her height and we had to go back and do it again later for the doctors!  :)

She was cooperative with everything the doctors asked her to do or check.  She was golden.  She even did her homework and read books instead of suck her thumb and watch TV, which is her usual coping mechanism.

Then came labs.  Um.  There's were the bad kind of growth comes in.  Bigger.  Stronger.  It took me plus THREE nurses to get them this time.  They asked us to go get the labs done in the triage area...I declined and told them we needed at least 2 nurses to pull it off, and so we needed to stay in the exam room.  They acted very taken aback because she'd been so good with everything else.  The nurse replied with a very skeptical comment, that I "knew best"...but stuck around to watch.  They brought in the phlebotomist and the draw kit and Elise started screaming and kicking.  It took me to sit on her and pin her legs and one arm and shoulder.  It took one more nurse (the one who'd planned to watch) on her other shoulder and two more to stabilize her other arm and get the blood.  She still managed to kick one nurse and pinch the phlebotomist.  As soon as it was over though, she popped up and thanked them all for being done and waved them out of the room with blown kisses. 

On one hand, I am a little worried how many people it will take next time.  But after the spectacular about face with the triage tortures, I have a little hope she might grow up and cooperate.  Maybe.  Someday. 

The cherry on the top, was her behavior for the echo cardiogram (heart sonogram).  She laid there and talked a blue streak.  Only squeaking in disgust over the gel and sticker buttons for the wire leads, no nervous breakdown, per previous visits.

Ironically, the urine sample was the only fail.  She refused to go in a cup.  She screeched and retched.  I don't even know what that was about.  The only thing I can conclude is that she'd done all she could do...no more.  The doctors said it wasn't worth the fight, so we'll try again at the next 6 month visit.

The sunny side of today?  Elise did SO much better.  I didn't have to fight with her 2 little sisters.  And we don't have to do this for another six months.  If only I didn't have to find out that her ear tube has fallen out....and the fluid is back...  *sigh*  But we're good for now, and as soon as we get her dental visit (the 26th) over with nothing but smooth sailing...  October is really an exhausting month...

Of course, Chick-fil-a was lovely.  Elise loved sitting on her own side of the booth.  She got to play in the play area and got to choose which condiments she wanted to use.  She decided on one of everything.  It was monumental.  She was such a big girl.  So proud.  I sometimes forget it's the really little things that make the good memories.  And we both got our own waffle fries, usually we share.  Quite exotic.  Yum!  The healing power of fried potatoes.  Who knew?


  1. I love the way you tell a story! It sounds like Miss Elise is growing up.

  2. What an awesome progression!
    When I had my ear tubes done they knew they would need to last until after my last repair surgery so they put a couple of stitches in them to make them stay. They dissolved over time, but did the trick.