Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 for 21: #4 The Characteristics or Magnetic Magic?

Okay...so if you want to know the physical characteristics of Downs, you can totally google it. It's being listed in soo many people's educational blogs, I feel that I have no business doing it...Elise will be 9 in a couple of weeks (actually, according to her, she is nine ALREADY!) and so if you know us, you've seen most of the characteristics...

I frankly like the physical traits. It makes it an easier life for her. It "explains" for her why she does not behave like other children her size, why she doesn't sound like everyone else, and why I tend to hold her hand over her little sister when we are out (because of poor impulse control, not favoritism!)

I liked them when she was little, for me. It helped me identify others in "The Club"...there was no awkward wondering, just immediate comradeship.

When Elise was tiny, we had a couple of things happen that made me question if it was deeper than physical traits, in some situations...

You know how there are stories of mystical twin bonds? Sensing the other's thoughts, pain, experiences? I don't know if these are myths or fact... (..Hmmmm...I really should harass my sister-in-law, she is a twin!) But we've all heard them. I am beginning to wonder if there is a deeper connection between people with Downs... Last year, a friend positively gave me chills with THIS story.

Elise adores her daughter, Gabi. Elise likes babies in general, and likes to peek and them and touch them, but she is enchanted by babies with Downs. She will seek them out like a heat seeking rocket and exclaim over how cute they are for hours...

When Elise was just a little baby, we attended a church that was VERY friendly to people with special needs. They had a fantastic ministry to young people and adults. One day, when we were at the church service, there was a young lady who noticed us, and slowly inched from pew to pew, from halfway across the church. She kept peeking back at us and sneaking...Eventually, she managed to sit at the end of our pew and started smiling at us. Looking over and beaming. After a few minutes, she scooched closer. And finally she was snuggled up to Elise's baby bucket seat. She looked at us and cooed "Your baby is SO CUTE!!!" She pet her feet and fingers. Then whispered, with a giant grin, "She's just.like.ME!" It gave me chills. I don't know how she could have known from as far away as she was. It's like there was a supernatural pull. She rarely missed a Sunday after that to check on Elise and tell us how beautiful she was!

There was also a young man with Downs who acted as an usher who would not let us pass unless we woke Elise up and let him smile at her.

We've seen the magnetic pull in action. Over and over. It never fails to awe me. I really think the bonus 21st's, shout to each other!! I really do! I'm telling you, it's magic!


  1. TOO COOL ~ bring tears to my eyes! Such a precious bond! I know those of us who love our Leesie, feel a similar pull & bond!

  2. I agree - very too cool! Your stories brought tears to my eyes too.